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What Is the “U” in 2U Cable Manager?

What’s the difference between 1U and 2U cable managers? The most distinguishable one in my mind, is the number lying in their name. The “U”, also known as “RU”, stands for rack unit that is a unit of measure defined as 44.50 millimeters (1.75 in) by EIA. It is most frequently used as a measurement of the overall height of 19-inch and 23-inch rack frames, as well as the height of equipment that mounts in these frames. With this standard, we don’t need to play with complicated numbers, instead, a simple addition can work. For example, a 12U cabinet can accommodate twelve 1U devices or six 2U devices or four 3U devices. And so on.

Where and When to Use 2U Cable Manager

As the data center grows, you may have many cables to handle, thus the point-to-point cabling is not workable any longer. To realize and maintain a neat and clean cabling, you may need such tools as patch panels, enclosures, and cable managers, among which the cable managers are the primary consideration when you want a good cabling.
1U and 2U cable managers are the most common products for horizontal cable management at present. As people’s demands vary, 2U cable managers come in to being. The 2U cable manager allows for front-to-back and back-to-front cable runs. The finger ducts can be used for both upside and downside cable management. These products can be used above and below patch panel and network switch to organize and store cables.

2U Cable Manager Options

FS.COM offers a wide variety of 2U horizontal cable managers that range from cable manager with finger duct to cable manager with D-rings and cable manager with end rings manager.

2U Cable Manager with Finger Duct

This 2U cable manager is made of plastic in black coat. It is designed with flexible fingers, rear pass-through holes and a removable cover. The cover will enclose the cables within the fixed space, leaving the clean and neat appearance. In this way, people won’t see the tangled or crossed cables in it. The finger ducts are soft and durable, which offer proper bend radius and flexible operation of cable management, keeping the structured cabling system unhurt and totally functional.

2U Cable Manager with Finger Duct

2U Cable Manager with 5 D-rings

As an open-frame cable manager, it is made of metal with five D-rings standing on the panel in a good order. Horizontal cable management panels with D Rings are built with steel for strength and durability. Easily route large amounts of cable through robust rings. The D-Rings organize patch cords and maintain a required bend radius. They are available in sizes of 1U and 2U.

2U Cable Manager with 5 D-rings

2U Cable Manager with End Rings Manager

It is a metal open-frame cable manager with vertical four rings and two horizontal rings, providing better cord management. It is also compatible with most standard 19” enclosures and open frame server racks, mounting hardware included. The end-rings will somehow protect the cables in case of unnecessary bending.

2U Cable Manager with End Rings Manager

All these 2U cable managers have 1U versions. To meet your various requirements, we strive to keep improving, innovates unceasingly, making the FS.COM attentively the first-class enterprise.

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